Team Pellet Guys

Team Pellet Guys

We have carefully selected a few Match Anglers to promote and be ambassadors for our brand, the current guys on the team are listed below each and every one of them has a good track record within angling and have been extremely consistent over the years or have exceptional experience in bait and its manufacturing process to bring our products forward, although our books are currently closed and this is an invitational group we are happy to consider your Angling CV's, If you feel you can make the grade by all means send your Angling CV to

The Current Line Up 

Col Mercer            

Pete Mercer          

Dan Deakin          

John Weedon

Glen Butler

Tony Wynnick

Darren Cannock

Josh Blavins

Nick Darke

Rick Baxter

Paul Guerrier

Dave Pearson

Over the next year we will be attending a few team events, like the Joseph James Law event at Alders  and various fund raisers for the England disabled Team which is essentially our chosen charity as a company.