Taska Dreamlina Bed

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Taska Dreamlina Bed  


The Dreamlina has a host of interesting features to ensure you sleep just as well by the lake as you do at home!

Seriously strong in construction with its four-leg system (8 feet) and weighs in at just 14.5kg. 

The most noticeable feature is the 5cm padded and fleece-covered mattress, which provides great comfort and insulation from the cold, this is completely detachable if you do need to lighten the load. 

Most beds use elasticated cord, which inevitably degrades over time, leading to sagging and often back pain. The ATS webbing system used here gives superior strength and support without that risk of sagging. Like most these days, it is a fully flat bed-chair, but Taska has included an additional adjustable head section for further neck support when sleeping.

There is also a removable side skirt with Velcro-closing pockets and a small zipped pocket under the head and foot of the bed ideal for phones and keys and those important valubles.

 it’s seriously comfortable.  RRP £229.00

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