Ready Pellets 1.8kg

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Ready Pellets 1.8kg

Our best in house pellet yet, Made with Skrettings pellets and a careful manufacturing process these are ready to use right out of the tub, these ready pellets are perfect for the method, Hybrid or open end feeder they unload fast and will have your trap set in seconds, you can also squeeze and throw or simply sprinkle them, They ship in a resealable reusable clear bucket.

Just pour what you need into a tub, and at the end of the session tip back into the bucket what you havn't used reseal and they will be perfect for you next session, These are a shelf life product and will last for months, if they dry out too much in the sun or the wind using just your fingers dip them into some water and remix the contents of the bucket,  if you are fishing extra deep venues we reccomend a sticky liquid or glug add a tiny amount give it a good mix and they will get down to most depths.

Available in 3 Flavours / Colours

Natural = Amino

Orange = Chocolate Orange

Red = Altantic Crab

Green = Betaine Green

The Natural Aminos have a high quality Amino acid added to the product at manufacturing stage and are reasonably inert from an aroma perspective, the Chocolate Orange are a mellow Orange Chocolate Bar flavour, The Atlantic Crab are the bad boys of the bunch a strong pungent crab aroma that will draw fish in from the next fishery,  The betaine green have added high quality Betaine a proven feeding stimulant.

Notes on Postage

Due to the size of this product it has to ship via DPD to keep the costs down however you can have up to 15 buckets for the £5.00 delivery cost (30kg)

If you wish to reduce the postage costs then choose the bagged version where 2 x 900g bags ship for £3.00  these can be found 


Bag Size:
  • 1.8kg
Oil Content:
  • Low Oil
Type / Flavour Available :
  • Amino
  • Atlantic Crab
  • Betaine
  • Chocolate Orange