No Nonsense Paste Mixes 900g regular and Spicy

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No Nonsense Paste Mixes 900g regular and Spicy

Our Simple to use paste is made from select ingredients and can be mixed to be as stiff or sloppy as you like.

For best results this paste is best added to water we recommend half a pint of water to half a pint of paste slowly add the paste to the water stirring with your finger  once you get to a nice sloppy consistency and all the dry powder is soaked leave to stand for 20 minutes  until ready to use. 

Add more powder a little at a time to get stiffer if required.

This product is high in fish meal and Amino's

The Spicy version is great for those days where you need to attract but don't want to over feed 

Bag Size:
  • 900g
The Pellet Guys
Type / Flavour Available :
  • Natural
  • Fish meal

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