We have now started Ground Bait Manufacture #6

01 Jul 2019
by Puff Dade

We have now started  Ground Bait Manufacture

Its been a tough couple of weeks, running around like headless chickens  often with our heads up our backsides but things get done its organised honest :).

So its time to turn on the milling machines and get a few blends  on the bench.

As you can probably see from the video we are using a high fish meal based base mix,  typically a pellet base as they are pre designed with feeding fish in mind.

One of the first mixes we wanted was a chocolate orange crush one that has orange in it and has a good scent and slightly on the sweet side, the results from the blending were quite good, these mixes not only have to work feel and smell right you have to be able to mix them,  after a little tweaking we came up with the right consistency and mix,  

We wanted a fast breakdown ground bait mainly for the method and hybrid,

In the summer on some of the commercials  you need to be fishing fast this mix breaks down super fast if mixed on the dry side,  no sticking to the mould what so ever and exposing your hook bait in seconds,  what we wasn't banking on was the way in which it will totally hide the feeder in seconds, you can see this in the testing of a tightly squeezed ball, the activity dies down after about 3 or 4 minutes, by which time hopefully you are reloading.

Keep tuned for more updates of what we are up to.


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