The slow boat from China #5

18 Jun 2019
by Puff Dade

The slow boat from China

So the bags are now complete and we just have to get them here,  "Boat is the cheapest " she said "how long will that take?" about a month, well I'm not having none of that, on the plane it is then, about a week and we should have a nice new bag in our possession NO MORE LABELS.

I'm really liking the finished product from the photo's just need to get my hands on them, they certainly stand out.


This week has been quite productive, We are in a couple more fisheries and have been stockpiling heavily, 

We had some issues with the website which I have been pulling my hair out over and its not quite going how I want it to go however we are just a day or two from going live.

Many of the guys product testing have been getting good responses with the paste and ground baits,  The paste has had an especially good response  mainly due to the core ingredient being a product only we have so its never been seen in a water before in this format.  

Still haven't started on the main ground bait manufacturing, although we have 4 good base mixes we keep testing and tweaking and once we are happy we will go into full production.

More updates later


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