Progression #4

13 Jun 2019
by Puff Dade


The shelves are starting to fill up and the orders are coming in,  we finally have a good system in place  The planned initial stock levels seem to be right for now and easily adaptable, things are falling into place quite nicely, Skretting are almost ready at the new plant in Europe however we have enough stock for a good few months.

The Website is close to completion with just a little more artwork to do and a few products to add, once loaded we can add the stock,  we have manufactured a good few thousand bags to date and continue to fill the shelves before we start working on 3 or 4 ground bait mixes, its tough as we are excited and keep getting side tracked making new mixes to try :).

We have decided after a couple delays June the 16th is going to be the day we go live on our website and social media, much testing has been done on the website and thanks to all those that have participated and been crash test dummies.

Ground bait next  this is where it gets interesting.



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