Boilies Boilies & More boilies #7

31 Jul 2019
by Puff Dade
Boilies Boilies  & More boilies

Boilies to be straight isn't something I wanted to get into so early,  but when our good friend from old Kevin found himself at a loose end we had a chat devised a plan and got ourselves set up, to say Kevin has been about is an understatement. Firstly with his own company All Seasons Bait then a long spell with Dynamite and after that Mistral, Kevin has made bait for many a star angler and was involved in the development of the neutral buoyancy boilie which we all now know as the wafter.


For those of you that know Kevin and more so for those that don't  there isn't a lot Kevin doesn't know about Bait, flavours and the ingredients that's used to make a good solid product, our plan is simple  3 flavours, all flavour profiles Kevin has made for years and are tried and tested in fact one flavour Kevin has been getting call after call about to re launch, so it was a no brainer.

So off to work we go,  

S,A,S  The Urge & The Original MB1  were the chosen 3  we will add to this at a later date but for now we don't want to complicate things.

Our first lorry of ingredients arrived  in the morning, why did we order so much gear?, well by the afternoon it was mostly gone and around a ton of base mix had been produced,  now off to bagging, we have a nice bagging machine we used for pellets and dry mix, I wonder if it will work,  so we made a load of bags and filled the hopper  within an hour we was bagged up, you gotta love Chinese tech :) it worked like a charm, all we need now is to get some bags made so back to China we go.

Within 3 days we had 5 huge chest freezers full of boilies and within hours getting a steady stream of customers  purchasing,  all I need to do now is get some match sized variants proper fishing  :)

Kevin and Martyn then got on with the pop ups and Wafters  made up some matching glugs and Stick mixes  the range for now is complete and available.


If you was one of Kevins original testers  we need to hear from you please drop me a message if you wish to get back on the Team. 



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